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Impressive drone videos for a unique and striking view of Rotterdam.

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Aerial Footage of central Rotterdam

Drone recordings provide the opportunity for a unique view from the sky on Rotterdam. We can, if desired, take care of the entire process of planning, possible permit application and recording for you.

Special for Rotterdam

In recent years, the use of drone footage in Amsterdam has become increasingly popular. This is due to the unique perspective and ability to capture images that are otherwise difficult to achieve.

A unique perspective

Using drones, unique perspectives can be created of famous landmarks and iconic locations in Rotterdam, such as the Erasmus Bridge, the Markthal, and the Euromast.

Dynamic imagery

Thanks to the fast movements of drones, dynamic images can be captured of the city, such as flying over the skyline of Rotterdam or capturing busy traffic in the city center.

Difficult to reach areas

Drones are an ideal solution for capturing images of difficult to reach areas or from unique angles, such as capturing the Rotterdam harbor or the famous Cube Houses from the air.

Why work with Ungraded Productions?

We have over 12 years of experience in producing videos and 6 years in producing using drones. Through this long-term experience, we know how to best capture Rotterdam on camera.

EU-Specific certified

We are certified in the Specific category of European legislation. This allows us to carry out flights with higher risk and fly within No-Fly zones.

Free location check

Each location comes with its own risks. Feel free to contact us for a free location check, after which we can give a clearer picture of the necessary preparations and costs.

Fully unburdened

In addition to preparing the flights and making recordings, we can also take care of complete video editing, with or without animations. This allows you to highlight and name specific points in the video.

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One place for all your drone footage

The use of drones is becoming increasingly popular and used for various applications. For commercial purposes, there are laws and regulations that apply to their use. We take care of all the worries.

Ungraded EU Specific

EU-Specific Licensing

We are certified in the Specific category of European legislation. This allows us to carry out flights with higher risk using drones up to 25kg.
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Ungraded EU Specific

Night Flights

We have a long-term exemption to carry out night flights, allowing us to fly at any time, even in the dark.
Ungraded EU Specific

Access to No-Fly Zones

In cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, permission is needed from air traffic control and the ILT. We have the necessary paperwork to carry out flights in these zones and have extensive experience in applying for any necessary exemptions.
Ungraded EU Specific

Stock Footage

Want to start right away? The Ungraded catalogue contains thousands of footages, ready for your edit

Soaring to New Heights

Get a bird's-eye view (🥁) of what our customers are saying about Ungraded! Read on to see how we've helped our clients elevate their projects to new heights.

    • Ungraded Productions is a great company that works flexibly and thinks along with us, as we saw in the assignment for the Rijksmuseum in the heart of Amsterdam. The fact that they offer FPV and regular drone images is also a plus for us.

      Dim van der Made
      Co-Founder @ Made By Lions
    • Working with Ungraded Productions is always a pleasure. They are flexible and think along to always achieve the best result.

      Lies Lemmens
      Campaign Manager @ Sunweb Group
    • They are very well attuned to each other and understand our needs as filmmakers well.

      Ilse van Gelder
      Production Manager @ Hazazah
    • We hired Ungraded Productions to film a ship coming into the port of Rotterdam. They managed to get all the paperwork in order at the last moment. We were very satisfied with the final result.

      Jonas Leather
      Director of Photography @ 11e District
    • For us, Ungraded is a one-stop-shop for drone images. They have a good production branch and a huge amount of drone stock from the Netherlands

      Timo Blanksma
      Founder @ Blanksma & Blanksma
    • Nice guys, delivering high quality shots. Just what you need.

      Justin van der Velden
      Creative Director @ Narwal Creative

Jan Kuppens & Roy de Ruiter - Founders of Ungraded

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