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What does a drone video cost? A question we are often asked, but to which we do not have a fixed answer. The cost of a drone video depends on various factors. Think of the location, the duration of the recordings, the complexity of the assignment, and the required equipment.


The cost of a drone video depends on various factors. Below you can read more about the three main factors.


The location of the recording is a determining factor. Think especially of the applicable regulations and the required preparation to comply with them.

Type of drone

Cinematic requirements influence flight costs. Recordings with an Inspire 3 and specific lenses are more expensive than short flights with the DJI Mini.


The post-processing of the recordings is part of the work. Think of color correction, stabilization, and any additions.

Example projects

Some examples of projects with a time indication.

Champions Lounge, Circuit Zandvoort

Champions Lounge, Circuit Zandvoort

FPV indoor opnames + Inspire 3 shots rondom het gebouw

  • Vliegplan voor buitenopname - 1 uur
  • Opname - halve dag
  • Nabewerking - halve dag
FC Utrecht

FC Utrecht

FPV indoor opnames + Mavic 3/Inspire 3 shots in en rondom het gebouw.

  • Vliegplan voor buitenopname - 1 uur
  • Opname - volledige dag
Domino Printing

Domino Printing

Reeks opname in Engeland. FPV indoor video, fotografie, social media content en een testimonial video. Opnames zijn verricht door 2 personen.

  • FPV Opname - halve dag
  • Fotografie en socials - halve dag
  • Testimonial - halve dag
  • Nabewerking - 4 dagen
  • Extra vergoeding voor reisdagen

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