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FPV / Indoor

Discover the unique FPV (First Person View) perspective. Reach places with these drones where regular drones are not allowed or cannot reach. Ideal for action, sports, and events.

From Microdrone to Cinelifter
From the pilot's perspective
Always safe and insured

Suitable for:


The aerial perspective gives a dynamic view of events. From sports to festivals.

Real estate

A unique way to present real estate. Both indoors and outdoors, this provides a special view.

Action & Sports

Experience the action through the pilot's eyes, close to the action. Ideal for a moving subject and sports.

Behind the scenes:

Our FPV drones:

Micro FPV drone

With (naked) Gopro camera in a specially designed housing.

When we opt for this drone:

  • 1/1.9 CMOS sensor
  • Extremely agile
  • Sub 250 grams
  • 9 min flight time
  • 4K / 50 frames
  • 5K / 25 frames
Full FPV drone

Includes full GoPro camera

When we opt for this drone:

  • 1/1.9 CMOS sensor
  • Cinematic shots
  • Freestyle / Cinewhoop
  • 10 min flight time
  • 4K / 50 frames
  • 5K / 25 frames
DJI Avata

Possibility to tilt the camera during recording.

When we opt for this drone:

  • Stable FPV recording
  • 1/1.7-inch sensor
  • 15 min flight time
  • D-Cinelike color profile
  • 4K / 50 frames

What clients say

“Collaborating with Ungraded is always a pleasure. They're flexible and think along to always deliver the best result.”

Lies Lemmens
Campaign Manager @ Sunweb Group

“They work together very well and understand our needs as filmmakers.”

Ilse van Gelder
Production Manager @ Hazazah

A glimpse of our FPV footage:

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