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Spectacular drone footage of Emmen, focusing on the WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen, the Rensenpark, and the historic city center. Ungraded handles the entire trajectory from planning to recording.

In good hands:

EU Certified
EU Certified Operations

With our certification, we can perform flights in Emmen within the Specific category.

Night Flights

We are authorized to provide flights in the evening hours in Emmen.

FPV / Indoor

FPV drones offer spectacular footage, both indoors and outdoors.

Examples from Emmen:

Emmen Aerial drone video
Emmen Aerial drone video
Emmen Aerial drone video
Emmen Aerial drone video

What clients say

“Working with Ungraded is always a pleasure. They are flexible and think along to always achieve the best result.”

Lies Lemmens
Campaign Manager @ Sunweb Group

“They are very well coordinated and understand our needs as filmmakers well.”

Ilse van Gelder
Production Manager @ Hazazah

Recent projects

Drone opname door Ungraded van een chalet in de bergen
Drone opname door Ungraded een eiland in de zee
Drone opname door Ungraded van een surfer op de golven

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