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Safety & Certification

Drones is a relatively new specialization, which means that regulations are constantly changing. Ungraded is always up to date with the latest developments and prioritizes safety.

During every flight, we work according to standard procedures to ensure the safety of bystanders, operators, and drones. Additionally, all our drones and operators are fully insured for damage to goods and persons.

Open category (A1, A2 & A3) & Specific category

Our operators are professionally trained and certified in the Open category (A1, A2 & A3). In addition to this category, we are also certified in the Specific category. This means that we are allowed to perform flights with larger drones, more risky flights. As a result, Ungraded has permission to fly in cities, no-fly zones within industrial and port areas.

Safety is our priority. With dedication and precision, we ensure that every flight meets the highest standards.

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Roy de RuiterFounder and Safety Coordinator
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Safety first

Safety always comes first. In some cases, this means more preparation work is needed to ensure safety. Think of making a location and risk analysis or a flight plan. This way, we know exactly what the possible risks are beforehand. If necessary, we collaborate with local authorities to obtain the necessary permissions.

Specific License

Special flights

In addition to the open category, we also use the Specific license from our subsidiary Drone Chiefs. This allows us to perform flights with larger drones and more risky flights. This gives us permission to fly in cities and no-fly zones within industrial and port areas.

Certified in Europe
Our operators are certified for flights in the Specific category within Europe. This allows us to professionally execute various assignments.
RT license for CTR areas
With our RT license and VHF radio, we can safely operate in controlled airspace areas (CTR) at major airports such as Schiphol and Rotterdam Airport.
Night flights outside UDP
We safely perform night flights, also outside the Uniform Daylight Period (UDP), with the right equipment and procedures for maximum safety.
Flying at festivals
Through our Specific license and mitigating measures, it is possible to ensure safety and privacy with careful maneuvers.
Flying around buildings
Our drones fly accurately around buildings in production settings. We fly our drones in a controlled setting to minimize risks and deliver high-quality images.
Flying at construction sites
With strict safety protocols, we can safely fly near people involved in production, while meeting all legal requirements and safety standards.
Flying in industrial areas
We are authorized to perform flights within industrial and port areas, allowing us to create unique and creative aerial footage for various industrial applications.
Infrastructure inspection
With careful planning and expertise, we safely perform flights near vital infrastructure, such as high-voltage lines, power plants, and wind turbines.

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